Mrs. Burrows Homework Policy


Homework serves an important purpose in your child’s school life.  It is a means of reviewing and reinforcing the lessons taught in school.  Homework is also a way to help your child to develop work and study habits that will assist him or her throughout the school years ahead.  Homework has one of three main purposes:

  1. To prepare for the next day’s lessons
  2. To practice skills from the day’s learning
  3. To review or prepare for a quiz or test.

Not all homework is written.  It also includes reading, reviewing, and studying.  The amount of homework assigned should not be unmanageable for a fourth grader.  Some homework may be unfinished class work from the day, but this would be on an individual basis.

Homework must be completed when due.  Homework left at home, in the car or lost cannot be counted as complete.  If students do not have an assignment completed, they will receive a missing assignment note.  This must be signed by a parent and returned with the completed work the next school day.  If the incomplete work is a special assignment, (report, portion of a group project, etc.) the grade will be lowered one letter grade for each day it is late.  Three missing assignments in one subject during a marking period will result in the class work portion of the grade being lowered.

Most students realize the importance of doing their homework and have little problem getting into the routine.  If your student is having a problem with homework and/or struggles with organizational or study skills, please let me know and we will work together to develop strategies to meet your child’s needs.

You can help your child develop some routines that will be of assistance to successfully completing homework assignments.  The following suggestions are offered for this purpose.

  • Ask if your child has homework that day, check their agenda, and review their work.  By asking about homework, you are helping your child remember there is an assignment and stressing the importance of this task.
  • Remember that homework is your child’s work.  Please help if possible, go over directions and work, but if your child has trouble with the assignment and cannot complete it, write a note telling me about the problem.
  • Help set a regular homework time each day and remain as consistent as possible.
  • Provide a quiet place and time to work and study.
  • If you have any questions about homework, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss your concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation, it is GREATLY appreciated.

Mrs. Burrows